Colonel Viktor Rosenkov

The sadistic terror of the Dead Zone


Col. Viktor Rosenkov
Commandant of Sector Zathran Black Ops. Unit Tiber
Age: 37
Height: 6"1
Weight: 244 lb.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Steel Gray
Race: Terran
Nationality: Valdiean/Razrourian National


Colonel Victor Rosenkov is the commanding officer for Dr. Calvin Moreau’s first response task force at Sector Zathran or more commonly knows as the “Dead Zone” as no information on the facility ever makes the light of day and the rumors of what goes on there run rampant. Rosenkov may not be as crazy as Moreau, but he makes up with cold and ruthless aggression. A Razrourian national that joined the Valdiean military through the Equal Borders Pact between Valdiea and Razrouria, Rosenkov burned through the ranks with his tactical prowess and strict, even sadist, discipline. Moreau saw this and recruited him from S.O.R.R.T.I. ,Special Operations Rapid Response Tactical Initiative, and gave him a command and oversight of all teams at Moreau’s research labs.

Rosenkov’s demeanor is that of a pure Razrourian, hard, unyielding, and ruthless. He is one of the most sadistic officers to enlist in the Valdiean military, even to Razrourian standards. His harsh cruelty when dealing with prisoners, his strict and torturous regiment for his men, and even his own personal quirks make him the closest thing to an evil man. There is no doubt with the way he runs things that he would of been court-marshaled and shot by firing squad years ago, if it weren’t for the fact that even though his methods border or even cross the boundaries of torture, he and his team produce some of the best results High Command has seen in a colonel. His record does not rival Genji Matsumoto, which Rosenkov holds a personal grudge against, but it’s pretty close. Even when he was still serving S.O.R.R.T.I, stints at command on their ops was quick and calculated. " Viktor never cared for civilians or casualties. The objective in the mission given him was all that mattered. As long as that was accomplished, nothing else mattered. He didn’t believe that there was a thing as a innocent bystander. No one is ever innocent. There was a simplistic beauty in his methods. Sadistic, but simple." Was said by his former commanding officer before Calvin Moreau sunk his teeth into him. Given his nature, it was no surprised why the doctor wanted him. A man who stopped at nothing until he got what he wanted. A man with no conscience.

Viktor Rosenkov’s personal life is just as twisted has his professional life. A self proclaimed sadist and masogynist, he loves to dish out pain. For him it isn’t about seeing people suffer, its about creating works of art with their pain and sorrow. Only a truly sick mind can invoke this. It has been said that he is sleeping with his second in command, Nikki Vanderbraun, but this is unconfirmed as “Frost Queen” borders on the obsessive compulsive and could be just spreading those rumors about their involvement in order to satisfy her psychosis.

Rosenkov is charge of the Black Ops. unit Tiber, one of the top tactical groups under the command of Dr. Calvin Moreau. Due to the cold and calculated tactics in combat and the actual personnel on his team including himself, they have earned the name " Fist of the Madman" and strikes fear into most enlisted men of the Valdiean military. Given the fact that they work directly for the Moreau, it would be no surprise that they are no longer human.

Colonel Viktor Rosenkov

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