Kyoshi Kinkou

The Exiled Ronin of Bunjakai


Name: Kyoshi Kinkou
Mercenary Code Name: Black Phoenix
Age: 24
Height: 6’’1
Weight: 185 lb.
Eye Color: Maroon
Hair Color: Salt and Pepper
Race: Terran
Origin: Artoros

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All data on subject before involvement in the Artoros military has no record
Joined the service of the Artoros militia at the age of 18 years old with no per existing military record or record from the country’s government. He was trained in one of the many military academies with top scores in long range combat, espionage, tactical combat, riot control, and the fasted record of completion in a Class S training course. Graduating after only one year of basic, he was given specialized training to be a top marksman under the command of Major Sargent [NAME NOT FOUND], he was placed in a private operations unit by the age of 19 . After being placed in a unit he was noted for several high ranking missions including:
For this he was given several accommodations for being one of the youngest soldiers in years to receive the rank of First Lieutenant . However, after a mission were he was found to be the only one to return back to headquarters alive while the others were [DATA MISSING] he was put under suspension and evaluation for several months in a small facility in [DATA MISSING] . After he was approved to return to duty he was formally discharged from his rank and placed in a special faction of the Artoros militia called “Last Resorts”. It is here were he served several missions with the team known as “Bad Company” before being approved to lead his own team and reinstated as a First Lieutenant. This team was hand picked by the Lieutenant and was known as the “Dead Heads” with a total of 7 consistent and notable members including himself:
[NAME NOT FOUND] Code Name : Crimson Shadow
[NAME NOT FOUND] Code Name : Purple Fox
]NAME NOT FOUND] Code Name : Blue Jewel
[NAME NOT FOUND] Code Name : Golden Skull
[NAME NOT FOUND] Code Name : Jade Hound
Capt. Felix Suarez: Code Name : White Snake
The “Dead Heads” were tasked with suicide and special black opts missions across the reigns of Terranueva for 3 years. Several of these missions are black listed for their content at the request of several governments and personal people of power. However the team was decommissioned after the incident known in [DATA MISSING] known as Operation: Live Wire with the location of all team members beside Lt. KInkou still unknown. [Captain Felix was recently discovered and was assigned to a black opts mission upon the request of the Acerian government.]
Lt. Kinkou was charged with several accounts of conspiracy of treason, use of illegal weapons, conspiracy of murder, crimes against peace, mass execution, inhumane treatment of POW’s and theft of illegal property [All former chargers and sentences were dropped at the request of allied governments and new evidence found in favor of the Lieutenant]. He was taken to court to where if found guilty he would have been sentenced to life in a off shore military prison to serve a series of life sentences. However, on the day of his sentence both the Artoros War Council with Judge [NAME NOT FOUND] preceding the hearing he was set free. With this freedom came a formal contract set forth by a government agency to enlist in an operation with no name or formal take inside of the government records. Despite the wishes of the judges he was allowed to leave the state with his equipment, weapons, and formal rank still in tact.

Kyoshi Kinkou

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