Major Vincent Burgess

Commanding officer of the Celestials


Name: Major. Vincent Buress
Commander of Spec. Ops Unit Celestials
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Height: 5"10
Weight: 154 lb.
Hair: Black, long straight
Eyes: Dark Brown
Race: Terran
Nationality: Acerian


Major Vincent Burgess has a long standing history with the military. His father was a colonel in the Acerian military and was held in high regard. Young Vincent often visited his father when he was on station and was well liked around the base. Early tests pointed him in the direction of officer training school. Unfortunately, Burgess’s father was killed in action during a mission and had a significant impact on young Vincent. Despite this, Burgess still enlisted when he came of age, saying “Letting my father’s death haunt me would be pointless. He gave his life to protect what he believed in.”

Burgess climbed very quickly up the ranks, becoming a Major in only seven years. Acerian command was impressed with Burgess’s ability to oversee operations so expertly, knowing every single detail needed and was always prepared for whatever arose during it’s execution. While Vincent does not have much combat experience, he has been trained in close quarters combat and is an excellent marksman with the pistol. His sidearm of choice is the Aamrax UFC .45. While limited in it’s ammo capacity, it packs quite a punch.

Due to his high success with high-risk ops, Burgess was given command of the Tactical Initiative, Mobile Unit, and Direct Intervention Squad or more simply known as Special Operations Unit “Celestials”. With his leadership, the unit has grown to worldwide renown for being one of the most elite and professional units in history, something of a pride for the young Major. True, the added attention worries Acerian command when trying to take care of things discreetly , but Burgess shrugs it off. “True it’s a pain, but the more known we are, the more they understand not to mess with us.”

Rumors are rampant about the access to special and secret projects that the Celestials have. It’s no surprise seeing they are a navy outfit and under the command of Admiral Agreian. But the nature of these projects is the major concern on all the conspiracy sites in the extranet. Cloaked fighters, legendary mobile suits, Ancient Juraian texts, even a massive cannon able to crack the world in half. All of these are just wild speculation but it is highly possible that such projects could be in development.

Major Vincent Burgess

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