Valkynheim Krauss

The Silent Hunter


Name: Valkynheim Krauss
Sex: Male
Age: ? (Assumed 63)
Height: 6"7
Weight: 178 lb. (Presumed)
Hair: White, slicked back
Eyes: Green
Race: Terran
Origin: Prussia

Class: Gunslinger, ?
Style: ?
Element Affinity: Wind, Light

Affiliates: Red Orchid Syndicate
Alias: The Crane


Not much is known about the individual called Valkynheim Krauss. Although records show that he hails from Prussia, there is no evidence as to how he entered the employ of the Red Orchid Syndicate. The most mysterious out of all the Six Petals, save for the head of the syndicate, Valkynheim is an enforcer in the most unusual sense. Rarely called to solve “complications”, Valkynheim goes on assignments under direct order of Master/Madam Orchid only. However when he is dispatched, hardly anything else is needed at “negotiations” other than him actually showing up. We feel the fact that he is Prussian probably has a lot to do with it.

The fact that he is from Prussia raises another concern. Records indicate that he just appeared out of nowhere, which is quite curious. While it is perfectly logical that the Red Orchid Syndicate used it’s political contacts to forge paperwork and sneak Valkynheim under the radar, simply him being Prussian should have sent some sort of waves throughout the information network. The Genstrepati have records on most of the members of the syndicate, but The Crane is the one file still incomplete compared to most standards.

The only way law enforcement agencies know that Valkynheim was behind a hit was by the pinpoint accuracy used. One shot, one kill. Valkynheim has proven time and time again that he is deadly with his aim and firearms, making seemingly impossible shots. The few video footage that gets Krauss always show him moving smoothly and seamlessly, never missing his target.

Calm, cool, and collected, Valkynheim Krauss has never lost his composure. A true marksman with his pistols, his actions are calculated and never wasted. The Red Orchid Syndicate is one of the most infamous and powerful criminal organizations in the world and with Valkynheim Krauss as one of its defacto leaders, confronting them is not to be taken likely.

Valkynheim Krauss

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