“Terranueva…a beautiful planet in a vast universe. But it was not always so. As all things of such grace and tranquility it was born of fire and strife. As most worlds start out, the people of Terranueva were just different tribes and groups fighting for survival…until the appearance of the Jurai. A gathering of kings and rulers joined together to bring peace to their war stricken world. With advance technology and a combined might of professional armies, they spread out into the world to establish order. Renaming the conquered lands the Juraian Empire, the Jurai elected an new emperor and ruled justly. Many threats and enemies arose in their long reign, but the empire always found a way to emerge victorious. But nothing last forever…”

Welcome to Advent Saga

A cinematic and action filled Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Now I say D & D due to the table top nature of the whole affair, but it’s anything but. It is a custom world with no basis on any of the core books or individual editions, except for the strange machinations within my own skull!

With a custom world, countries, classes, professions, and a long character creation process that is larger based on the players imagination catering to the universe, your characters end up being unique individuals unlike any other, even from people who walk the same career path you do!

The sessions themselves are done in person due to the fact of the cinematic and theatrical nature of the campaign. And plus it’s more fun to actually interact with people in person as opposed to online.

Still, there is plenty here to get you started and begin sinking your teeth into the world of Terranueva. And the site will continue to grow as more lore is written, more world events transpire, and undoubtedly as characters have adventures!