Genevieve's TImeline

BD: Before Discovery
AD: At Discovery

115 AD: Genevieve born in Marchesste to Francois and Maryanne Legrande.
Genevieve’s Age: 0

106 BD: Genevieve taken by ???
Genevieve’s Age: 9

104 BD: Legrande family calls off search, Genevieve’s first memories as vampire begin.
Genevieve’s Age: 11

51 BD: Genevieve captured from streets to Facility on Krayt Island.
Genevieve’s Age: 64

48 BD: Facility fire burns most of facility, leaving Genevieve alone and unknown.
Genevieve’s Age: 67

45 BD: Reconstruction begins on facility, various construction workers disappear.
Genevieve’s Age: 70

40 BD: Facility is reopened, “Phantom Wolf” urban legend goes around of inmates having throats ripped out in the night.
Genevieve’s Age: 75

10 BD: Genevieve discovered & recaptured into facility, renamed “Project Pure Blood.”
Genevieve’s Age: 105

0 AD: Genevieve found by Kyo and Michaelangelo, freed by Griff and Brandon.
Genevieve’s Age: 115

Genevieve's TImeline

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